Physiotherapy helps you in treatment and prevention of physical injuries and movement problem. Physiotherapy helps you to gain highest level of independent function.
Physiotherapy helps you in treatment and prevention of your problem without any pills and painful surgery. Physiotherapy exercises are scientifically proven to be one of the most effective way to solve or prevent your pain or injury.
We have experienced physiotherapist to help you maximize your recovery. We offer free first consultation. We have a clean and peaceful ambience for the treatment of patients. We value your time so we work on appointment basis.
Patients need no referral to be treated by a physiotherapist.
Generally physiotherapy does not hurt although initially the stretches and exercises may cause slight discomfort, this is because the body is not use to such movement.
Pain cure physiotherapy has free first consultation so you are welcome with your reports (if any) and we will examine and rule out the problem and will also let you know if we can help you.
Each session may last from 30mins to 60mins depending on the condition of the patient.
You should be as comfortable as possible during your treatment. You should wear loose fitting clothes so you can expose the area for proper evaluation and treatment.
If you have a flare-up, you can give us a call, we will suggest you to either come back to us or return to your doctor or modify your exercise or activities.